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1. The Zaheer Science Foundation will celebrate the International Day of Light in 2024 with a seminar headlined by Professor Zahid H. Khan, who will deliver a talk on Reflection on Light and Its Significance in Our Lives. Professor Khan will traverse the journey of light through history and its profound impact on modern life, highlighting its applications across various sectors including education, healthcare, and industry. This seminar will support the 2024 IDL theme of Light in Our Lives which is perfectly aligned with the goals of the Zaheer Science Foundation. This event continues the ongoing support of the foundation for the International Day of Light and the overall goals of the foundation to encourage science diplomacy and public engagement.

Contact: Dr. Tabassum Jamal  (Zaheer Science Foundation)
Date: 16 May 2024
Location: New Delhi, India


2. Zaheer Science Foundation in New Delhi will host a special exhibition of the evocative photography of Abu Sufiyan, aiming to explore the theme, Light in Our Lives and to focus on light's profound influence on India's cultural fabric. The exhibition will feature thematic sections such as Heritage Illuminated, Cultural Luminance, and Artistic Radiance, each narrating the story of light's role in daily life, festivals, art, and architectural wonders of India. Aligning with UNESCO's educational goals, the exhibition will include interactive educational panels, workshops, and guided tours to deepen the understanding of light in science, culture, and art. The exhibition will be promoted as a platform for cultural exchange, highlighting the significance of light in Indian heritage and encouraging dialogue on its preservation. A visitor's journey through the exhibition will be an immersive experience, with strategically designed lighting that complements the photography and evokes the ambience of the scenes depicted. The exhibition will be designed with sustainability in mind, ensuring that it leaves a lasting legacy that contributes to the promotion and preservation of cultural heritage. This exhibition will not only be a tribute to the beauty of light in India's past and present but also a reminder of the need for its conservation for future generations.

Contact: Abu Sufiyan

Date: 16 May 2024

Location: New Delhi, India





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